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The Exam Process

Who It's For

ACTPThe prerequisite for taking our exam process is completion of the Envision Coach Training ACTP Program, which includes Modules 1 through 6, plus 10 hours Mentor Coaching with one of our mentors.

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The Envision Exam

For those enrolled in our ACTP Program, we provide a thorough exam based on direct knowledge of the International Coach Federation (ICF) examination process and skills level expectations.

Once you have taken our ACTP Program, you will have been trained to a PCC level and are required to pass the exam at that level no matter whether you wish to apply for ACC or PCC level credential. 

It is important to note that the training you receive will prepare you for the exam but does not guarantee you will pass. If and when you do pass the exam, the ICF credential you receive at the time will be dependent on the number of logged coaching hours you have with clients. Completing and logging your client coaching hours is fully your responsibility. You will need at least 100 hours to apply for ACC and 750 for PCC credentialing.

If you don't yet have enough client coaching hours to apply for a credential, don't worry, we don't know of any time limit. Once you have coached for a while and have logged 100 hours of client coaching time you can submit them to ICF along with your record of the ACTP completion and your ICF application fee, and you will automatically receive your credential. This is as long as you are a current member of ICF and are compliant with their guidelines.

If you pass the exam, and only have enough hours to apply for an ACC, don't worry. Just go ahead and submit your client hours log, record of ACTP completion, and ICF application fee and you will receive your ACC. When you have coached for a while longer and have 750 client coaching hours, just submit those hours to ICF and you will automatically receive your PCC credential. You won't have to take the mentoring or exam process again as you would with the other pathways. Again, this is as long as you are a current member of ICF and are compliant with their guidelines.

How It Works

There are two parts to our Exam

An audio recorded coaching session must be submited for performance evaluation. It must be:

• Of a complete coaching session (not edited) lasting between 30 and 45 minutes. Those that exceed 50-minutes will not be scored.
• Of an actual coaching session between you and a paid or pro-bono client (not a coach).
• In one part. Multiple files for one coaching session will not be reviewed.
• In MP3, mp4, m4a, au, or WMA formats. Video files and other formats will not be accepted.
• 95 megabytes or less. Use a lower bit rate to decrease file size, if needed.
• Uploaded to your Box folder, which we will have set you up with for your mentor coaching sessions. Providing a URL to download or stream audio recordings will not be accepted. (Note: We will retain your submitted exam recording for 5 years for ICF audit purposes and it will be stored in a secured folder on Box.)
• Labeled/named with your name and a number, i.e., JoeSmith1.mp3 and JoeSmith2.mp3.

Before preparing for your performance evaluation, we suggest you study the ICF Core Competencies and The PCC Markers provided on the ICF website. The latter provides information about what we will be listening for when we conduct your performance evaluation.

We also suggest you record several coaching sessions and select one session that demonstrates use of a wide variety of the ICF Core Competencies. Review your selected session and make sure the conversation is clear, audible and that only first names have been used during the coaching session. The quality and proximity of the recording device used is typically more important than the file bit rate in regards to the overall quality of the recorded file. An inaudible recorded coaching session will result in lower scores for the performance evaluation and delays in the credentialing process. Use of services such as Skype are not recommended to produce recordings for the performance evaluation due to possible disconnections during the session.

All applicants must submit a transcript of the recorded coaching session submitted for the exam. Transcript must be a verbatim, written word-for-word record of the coaching session submitted. Please upload it to your Box folder as a .pdf file.

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