Advanced Leadership



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This module is designed For
1) Currently practicing coaches and consultants seeking additional training approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), either internal or external to an organization
2) Accomplished organizational leaders seeking a career transition that will build on previous experience or to enhance their current skill base
3) Experienced human resources and performance management professionals seeking to expand their portfolio of skills
4) Coaches already certified by the ICF who would like to be more skilled in specifically working with leaders in an organizational context

Applicants must have met the following prerequisites to ensure the appropriate knowledge, experience, and mindset to succeed in the program:
1) A bachelors degree.
2) At least five years of education, training and/or professional experience in coaching, human resources, leadership, organization development, or a related field.
3) Openness to feedback; capacity for self-examination; willingness to challenge one's own beliefs

Items 1 and/or 2 above can be waived with program director’s consent. Item 3 cannot be waived.

Admission to the program involves an interview with Training Director(s).

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An Overview

This advanced 30-hour training is for experienced coaches as well as organization leaders who want to enhance their ability to lead through influence. It is a skill based, scenario driven approach. The course is taught by Dr. Jeff Evans, with the content derived from his books The Ten Tasks of Change: Demystifying Changing Organizations and the #1 bestselling Inspirational Presence: The Art of Transformational Leadership

This training focuses on building advanced leadership skills, highlighting some of the key characteristics of executives that help to frame the overall practice of working in this challenging area.

Objectives Of The Training

  • Understand your own skill map on EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Quadrants.

  • Use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques to build influence ability.

  • Understand the concepts of 'Limbic Tango' and how it operates in a group.

  • Create a desired personal leadership style.

  • Learn techniques to build and enhance personal leadership competencies.

This training module awards 30 ACSTH hours (or CCE's if preferred)