Avoiding Scams Targeting Coaches

  • Avoiding Scams Targeting Coaches

    Stay Alert

    I wanted to alert you to some recent email scams targeting coaches, just in case you were unaware.


    Both my partner and I have received the same scam email from various different sender names, as have many of our coach colleagues. The emails often have the subject line, “Life Coaching Services Needed” and below is an example of the text that is sent.


    “How are you doing today. I’m Ramon. I will like to know if you are available for life coaching service and also do you accept credit card as methods of payment ? Let me know if you work in the areas of relationship, parenting, time management and spiritual direction.”


    Here is what the scammers are apparently doing;


    They ask for an invoice for services. If you send one, you will receive a check back for the full amount, plus an amount like $4,000. When you ask the scammer about the overpayment they will explain they included more in case the coaching went longer. Then comes the crunch… They add that, since sending the check they have had a medical emergency (or some such story) and ask “would you please send me back a check for the extra amount?” Of course, if you did that you would lose your $4,000 or so because the first check will have bounced.


    Steve Mitten, MCC, CPCC, ICF Global Past President (2005) kindly wrote and posted a longer, more detailed article on the ICF Global website outlining some of these scams. Here is a link to his helpful article.


    As Steve says, be wise and safe, people.

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