Certified Leadership and Executive Coach Training

The Concept

CLEC® (Certified Leadership and Executive Coach) is a designation that EGL uses to certify our highest level of accomplishment in leadership and executive coaching. If you desire mastery of the craft and recognition for your skills, this program is for you.

The CLEC® program requires a higher skill and training level than most other coach training programs. It builds on our Accredited Coach Training (ACTP) Program. Additional skills taught are frameworks for effective leadership styles for all levels and situations, engagement design with the ability to combine curriculum based and consulting based approaches with the appropriate levels of executive coaching, and using EGL's 360 processes to create a basis for coaching. 

Houston, TX | Spring 2020


US $13,000 


Program Policy

Pre-requisites and requirements students must meet to enter the program:
• Prior experience as a coach or consultant


• Some corporate experience with management roles


• Therapeutic background with aspirations to work as a coach, either generally or corporately


• Education or capability to comprehend college level materials and models

• Command of the English language

• Desire to empower and support other's growth processes

• Willingness to be the learner

Our policies on admission to the program.

Students are required to meet:

• pre-requisites for the course

• pre-requisites for each module

• and pass pre-screen on interests and goal alignment (make sure we have a fit)

Our policies on payment of tuition and fees.

Full payment for each module is required upon registration and must be received prior to the day the 
module begins. All payments will be in US dollars.
 Cancellations are handled on this scale:
90 days prior to start of module…… 75% of purchase price refunded

60 days prior to start of module…… 50% of purchase price refunded

30 days prior to start of module…… No refunds will be provided

All CLEC® participants are asked to commit to the full length of the training. We understand that illness and emergencies happen. If you do have to miss hours because of illness or emergency, you will be assigned a ‘study buddy’ who will share their learnings with you from the missed time. You will also be required to read the materials from those missed class hours. This will make up for a small number of hours missed. However, it will not make up for the entire time you are absent. Further, we cannot invite students to attend later modules containing the sessions missed unless the entire module is paid for again. You are entirely responsible for any time you miss and you will be awarded hours of completion based on hours attended, study buddy time and reading completed, all calculated by us in compliance with our agreement with the International Coach Federation.

participant may choose to stop after any module. Refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If 
Envision asks a participant to leave for conduct reasons no refunds will be provided.

Thank you for your understanding and agreement!