Coaching with Client Emotions

Every coach practitioner needs this workshop .... It is unique, profound and full of incredible learning. (It) is hands down one of the most powerful I've participated in as a coach. Masterfully taught!

Cecilia Engquist, PCC
Cecilia Engquist, PCC,
Leadership and Executive Coach



Friday 9am—5pm
Saturday 8am — 5pm
Sunday 8am — 3pm

Marquis Lofts on Sabine
150 Sabine Street
Houston, TX 77007

This is an advanced training, yet most levels of coach (or person using coaching skills) can benefit.
All attendees must:
• have completed at least 30 hours of coach specific training
• be fluent in the English language
• be open to experiment with new experience

Cancellations are handled on this scale:
90 days prior to start of program…… 75% of purchase price refunded

60 days prior to start of program…… 50% of purchase price refunded

30 days prior to start of program…… No refunds will be provided

For maximum instructor to attendee engagement

there is very limited seating (8)

CCE-smThis coach training module awards 21 hours of CCE's in the area of Core Competencies as part of the full ACTP program 'Envision Coach Training'.

I highly recommend anyone working with clients to take advantage of this awesome course...

Arquella Hargrove
Arquella Hargrove,
HR Leader

The Coaching with Client Emotions course provided an opportunity for so much learning and growing! .... this course will significantly impact my own life and emotions as well as my clients'.

Emily Kimbrough
Emily Kimbrough,
Senior Technical Project Manager

Training Overview

Engage your clients' emotions through powerful coaching tools.

Have you ever been uncomfortable when a client became emotional? Did you change the subject or try to make them feel "better"? Maybe you even became emotionally affected yourself.

No matter if you coach in business or personal environments, sadness, anger, frustration, hurt, embarrassment, and guilt are going to present themselves eventually, and you have to be prepared to engage them with confidence, presence and skill.

Working with emotions in a powerful way can really help your clients move forward!

In this highly experiential coach training module you will learn ways to help your clients with life's inevitable losses, disappointments, hurts and uncertainties—while staying within the ICF coaching parameters.

What's Covered

  • A new way to frame emotions so they deepen your clients experience.

  • Practical understanding of the line between coaching and therapy.

  • Why other people’s emotions can be so uncomfortable and why they’re so important for transformation.

  • What Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is and how to raise it.

  • Powerful dialogue techniques to engage client emotions through.

  • How to help clients complete unfinished business.

  • Helping clients use their feelings to move forward with new awareness, clarity and confidence.


Justina Vail Evans, MCC CHt, draws from the ICF Core Coaching Competencies, the Grief Recovery Method, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), transpersonal hypnotherapy, energy therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique and EMDR), and Gestalt methodologies, as well as emotion and sensory access methods from the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute.

Justina believes that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) must be understood theoretically as well as experientially. Most EQ trainings are theoretical, and Justina felt the need to developed this training so that participants can immerse themselves in the actual experience of each essential quadrant. 

Read about Justina HERE