On-Site Organization Coach Training

Develop People & Organizations Through the Power of Coaching

For internal professionals using coaching skills in their work, we bring world-class coach training right into your organization through a combination of online videos and assignments as well as highly interactive on-site training. We offer two choices:

⇒ Foundational Coach Training Program (30-hour)

⇒ ACSTH Coach Certification Program (60-hour) 

Both programs are geared toward managers, leaders and executives who work in complex environments and want to maximize the potential of individuals and the organization.

We focus on the ICF core coaching competencies, Envision's time-tested coaching methodologies, and powerful tools that internal professionals can use to support high performance in individuals as well as their organization as a whole. 


Take A Look At the Training We Provide

Module 1

Foundation for Powerful Coaching

• Introducing the Models for Coaching
• Role Definition and Effective Contracting
• The Craft of Coaching Mastery
• Building the Coaching Relationship
• Crafting Powerful Questions
• Direct Communication Skills

This challenging training module introduces Envision's time proven coaching model as well as ICF's most current coaching competency requirements for certification. You will be grounded in the concepts of coaching as a practice, as well as powerful coaching skills as a whole. We focus on establishing a strong framework within the overall coaching relationship through a clarification of role parameters and contracting definitions. You are challenged to bring yourself to your coaching in a more effective way, and to more fully utilize powerful questions and direct communications in your engagements with clients. This is learned through Envision's coaching methodologies, the ICF coaching competencies, systems theory, change processes, as well as Gestalt coaching methodologies. Through an interactive process we also provide direct observation and skills assessments to begin a powerful learning and development plan for each participant.

Module 3

Coaching Systems for Integration

• Power Dynamics
• Working Virtually with Individuals and Groups
• Creating Coaching Engagements
• Accountability and Feedback Systems
• Establishing Engagement Plans
• IntraPersonal Conflict Integration

This intermediate module highlights the power dynamics in all interactions and how to manage them in the coaching engagement. This module will help clarify what it means to have client engagements and how to navigate them. We go over accountability and feedback systems and the structures you can use to illuminate and reinforce the relationship between action and consequence. You will also learn how to coach clients effectively and more powerfully when working virtually. Additionally, we teach you to help your client resolve intrapersonal (inner) conflict through working with rather than against the system, creating an outcome congruent with the whole person.

Module 2

Deepening Your Practice as a Coach

• Self as Instrument
• The Quest of Your Questions
• Multiple Perspectives
• Direct Communication
• Working with Multiple Modalities
• Powerful Statements

In this robust 3-day module we step into deeper understanding of coaching skills. You will learn to build a foundation of coaching agreement with your clients, become more aware of how the intent behind your questions affects the engagement, and gain skills that help your client explore new perspectives and resolve inner conflict. Using Envision's models, Gestalt techniques, Neuro-Linguistics (NLP) and advanced coaching competencies, you will also become far more powerful in direct communication with your clients. You will also learn to identify what modality your client tends to experience the world through, allowing you to better create rapport and awareness with them. You are then empowered to assist them via their own unique strategies, working with the client’s strengths. You will also learn how to make powerufl statements as a means to communicate directly and resourcefully with your clients.

ICF Approved Hours Earned


These programs provide Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which means those training hours are of the highest standard and may be used as part of an ICF credential application.

Take a look at our breakdown of the ICF Certification paths and what they require. Your path to certification is going to be as unique as you are. We are here to help you find the best route to what you'd like to accomplish with your employees. 

Program Policy

Pre-requisites and requirements students must meet to enter the program:
• The desire to work as a coach or consultant, or use coaching skills in current role
• Education or capability to comprehend college level materials and models

• Command of the English language

• Desire to empower and support other's growth processes

• Willingness to be the learner

Our policies on admission to the program.

Students are required to meet:

• pre-requisites for the course

• pre-requisites for each module

• and pass pre-screen on interests and goal alignment (make sure we have a fit)

Our policies on payment of tuition and fees.

Full payment for each module is required upon registration and must be received prior to the day the 
module begins. All payments will be in US dollars.

All ACSTH participants are asked to commit to the full length of the training. An ICF ACC credential application in the ACSTH pathway requires at least 60 hours of training time. Our program provides 70 hours in total, which means there is some room for absence. However, for the sake of your learning and skill level, we strongly urge full attendance. We understand that illness and emergencies happen. If you do have to miss hours because of illness or emergency, you will be encouraged to read the materials from those missed class hours and you may also seek out a ‘study buddy’ from class to share their learnings with you from the missed time. This may help you feel more 'caught up' but will not make up for the number of hours you are absent. Further, we do not allow students to attend later modules containing the sessions missed unless the entire module is paid for again. There is no makeup. You are entirely responsible for any time you miss and you will be awarded hours of completion based on hours attended calculated by us in compliance with our agreement with the International Coach Federation. Thank you for understanding this important policy.

Cancellations are handled on this scale:
90 days prior to first day of program…… 75% of purchase price refunded

60 days prior to first day of program…… 50% of purchase price refunded

30 days prior to first day of program…… No refunds will be provided