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Student Experience

Stacey Cole - Internal Coach in H/R Learning & Development

Juliana Ashley, JD, PCC - Independent Career Coach and Strategist

Moni Taranath - Internal Executive Coach in H/R and Learning & Development

Michael Landrum, ACC - Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

"It was like a lightbulb going on for me. . . It wasn't just from a skills and tools perspective. . . I made a personal journey going through this course. . . I'm just so grateful to have had this opportunity."

J. Theron, Executive Coach — (Graduated 2011)

"Envision opened my eyes to a new career path and gave me the confidence to pursue it. Jeff Evans and Justina Vail masterfully designed a program that prepared me as a coach and led to an overall higher awareness of myself. I am grateful to Envision and proud to have been trained by them."

A. Pontius, Life Coach — (Graduated 2012)

"I am unable to put into words my heartfelt appreciation for the Coach Training and experience I received over the past six months. The training has had a major impact on my coaching, leadership and personal life."

Michael Landrum, ACC, Senior Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach —(Graduated 2014)

"This has been an AMAZING program! The personal growth and mastery gained, in addition to the skill cultivation, was monumental."

Natasha Wade, Career Strategy Coach—(Graduated 2015)

"I am still convinced this is the best coaching training available. (I) have sat through a couple (of others) ... and they are sufficient, but not Envision."

Heidi M. Sherick, Ph.D., Faculty Development and Leadership Specialist, University of Michigan —(Graduated 2016)