Your Coaching Niche

Your Chosen Niche as a Coach

Coaching is a growing field with more than 47,500 professional coaches globally, generating well over US $2 billion in annual revenue/income.

Businesses and individuals are beginning to understand the benefits of coaching and the need for  standardization of coaching competencies in a profession as yet fairly unregulated.

Because of the obvious benefits of coaching skills, they are not only used by coach practitioners, they are also used by human resources professionals, talent development,  managers, directors, and other leaders.

Whether you are coaching as a profession or are using coaching skills within your role, becoming highly trained and credentialed means that you can offer clients and coachees assurance that you’re meeting or exceeding specific professional requirements in your practice.

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What Is Your Coaching Niche?

"Envision opened my eyes to a new career path and gave me the confidence to pursue it. Jeff Evans and Justina Vail masterfully designed a program that prepared me as a coach and led to an overall higher awareness of myself. I am grateful to Envision and proud to have been trained by them."

A. Pontius, Life Coach — (Graduated 2012)