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An Inside Look At Coach Training

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What makes Envision Coach Training stand out?

WeICF Accredited'>
We're ICF Accredited

Coaching is a rapidly growing field and accreditation through a reputable organization with internationally accepted professional standards is becoming more important. ICF "Accredited Coach Training Program" means that it is an ACTP—a complete program that includes 125 hours of training (ours is 140 hrs), 10 hours of Mentor Coaching and the ACTP exam—leading you to an ICF PCC credential.

Our <strong>Trainings Are In-Person</strong>
Our Trainings Are In-Person

90% of our program training hours are in-person and highly interactive. We believe that, when it comes to such an interpersonal craft, this is the way to go. We provide ample skill-drills, practicums and coaching exercise in all of our in-person trainings. Our online training sessions are given via your private online learning platform and consists of high-quality video of instructional presentations and master-level coaching demonstrations.

We Have <strong>Decades Of Experience</strong>
We Have Decades Of Experience

Our seasoned ICF ACTP faculty are each highly experienced (MCC & PCC), with many decades coaching clients in greatly varied industries, situations, and walks of life. Unlike most coach training instructors, Envision Instructors have completed our own ACTP as well as years of in-house instructor training before becoming faculty.

YouMaster Level Coaching'>
You're Taught Master Level Coaching

We subscribe to the Law of Primacy—what we learn first we continue to fall back on. Because of this we teach how to coach to a Master level (MCC) from the first day. It's no harder to learn like this and you only have to pass the exam at a PCC level. With our guidance you simply focus a certain way, and the payoffs are immense. We set you up to be the best coach you can be from day one.

Who We Train

We train and credential people from all walks of life and professions. Our participants comprise of approximately 40% independent coaches and 60% internal professionals working in organizations such as Chevron, Shell, Texas A&M University, Rice University, Enbridge, Bechtal, Sutter Health, City of Houston, Strategic Materials and Aetna.