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The Organization

We are delighted to bring our decades of experience and proven methodologies to the public as we act on our commitment to create professional competence in the coaching world. We teach, not just how to become a masterful coach, but also how to gain personal mastery. Many of our students claim the programs have changed their lives for the better.

A Bit of History

2009: Dr. Jeff Evans and Ms. Justina Vail created Envision Coach Training, bringing over five decades of diverse training and experience between them to the table.

Jeff's brain child, the initial purpose for the school was to train and mentor coaches working through their primary company Envision Global Leadership (EGL), a leadership development organization.

Over the next year Jeff and Justina worked together to develop a high-level curriculum for coaches with a threefold purpose in mind:

  • Firstly to make sure that the coaches who worked for EGL had a high level of skill and were in alignment with EGL's time-proven model for coaching.

  • Secondly, the organizations that EGL served were increasingly requiring that only coaches certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) work with their executives. Earning the program an ICF Accreditation meant that coaches could be trained and certified though the school and the requirement could be fulfilled.

  • Thirdly, so that Jeff and Justina were able to meet and observe possible candidates to come on board and work with EGL's clients.

2010: With the success of the program Jeff and Justina decided to open our doors to the public and coaches from all over the US showed up to attend our first 6-Module training.

2011: Envision Coach Training was awarded an Accreditation by the International Coach Training and we were proud to provide our first ACTP Program that year. 

2013: We moved our headquarters to Houston, Texas. Many of our clients and potential students live and work all over the world and we felt the more central US location would prove easier to travel to. It seems to be working out really well!

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What Makes Us Different

  • We Have Decades of Experience

    There are only 700 coaches in the world who have reached Master Certified Coach (MCC) status and just 3 in the Greater Houston area. We have 2 of them on our faculty. Our coach training comes out of many decades of experience coaching executives, leaders, and teams in some of the largest corporations in the world. We are affiliated with Envision Global Leadership (EGL), a change and leadership development consulting firm. For decades EGL has worked with C-level executives in Fortune 500 companies, including Chevron, the Gap, Clorox, and General Dynamics. EGL's overall expertise is founded in leading change, most specifically in the strategy of large scale collaborative change based on proven methodologies and the science of systems. Envision Coach Training was initially developed as a mandatory training for our EGL consultants, as a way to ensure they reached the highest level of coaching skills possible before working with our valued clients. With it's popularity we decided to make it available to the public.

  • We are Accredited by ICF

    We are the only Houston-based school to offer a program Accredited by The International Coach Federation (ICF). Coaching is a rapidly growing field, with corporations around the globe increasing their use of internal and external coaches in an effort to maximize productivity, efficiency, and skill in their organizations. With that increase, accreditation through a reputable organization with internationally accepted professional standards is becoming more important for coaches. The International Coach Federation (ICF) is rapidly becoming the gold standard in that arena.

  • Our Trainings Are In-Person

    Many coach training schools are primarily virtual, with courses online and over the phone. Approximately 90% of our training hours are face-to-face and highly interactive. We believe that, when it comes to such an interpersonal craft, this is the only way to go.

  • In-Person Training approx 90%
  • Interactive i.e. Skill-Drills and Coaching Practicums approx 70%

The Idea Is Born

The brain child of Dr. Jeff Evans is born with Justina on board to help develop the program and set up the company.



We Opened Our Doors

With the program's success, we made the program available to coaches all over the world.


We Became ICF Accredited

The Program was granted it's Accreditation from the International Coach Federation.



We Moved Our HQ To Houston

We chose to move to Houston, Texas so that we can be centrally located for coaches in the rest of the US.

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