Stacey Cole - Internal Coach in H/R Learning & Development

Michael Landrum - Director, Talent Management

Moni Taranath - Internal Executive Coach in H/R and Learning & Development

"I am unable to put into words my heartfelt appreciation. The training has had a major impact on my coaching, leadership and personal life."

Michael Landrum, ACC, Director, Talent Management

"This has been an AMAZING program! The personal growth and mastery gained, in addition to the skill cultivation, was monumental."

Natasha Wade,Career Strategist

"I am still convinced this is the best coaching training available. (I) have sat through a couple (of others) ... and they are sufficient, but (they're) not Envision."

Heidi M. Sherick, Ph.D., Faculty Development and Leadership Specialist

"If you desire to be a highly competent coach, I strongly recommend attending this program. Jeff Evans, Ph.D., MCC and Justina Vail Evans, MCC CHt make an excellent team. Both are highly qualified instructors who have personally spent thousands of hours working with clients, helping them improve their leadership and lives. This was, by far, the best development experience I have had in my life. It will be a highly valuable investment in your career."

Donald W Hoffman,Lean Consultant at Palo Alto Medical Foundation

"The course changed not only how I coach, but it also had a significant impact on me as a individual as well. I can't recommend it enough to others who wish to take their coaching to a whole new level. Thank you Jeff & Justina.”

Randall Sylvester, MS, P.E.,Executive Life Coach at Martin Counseling

"I HIGHLY recommend Envision Coach Training. I had no idea what to expect... Life changing...to say the least."

Jim Jones,Life Coach

"I cannot say enough positive things about this experience."

Valerie L.,Independent Coach