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Yes! We have two options for tuition payment:
1) The pay-up-front-in-full option is set at a discounted package rate.
2) We also offer a payment plan option which comprises of automatic monthly credit card payments on the full tuition price. The first installment secures your seat, and subsequent payments are charged at monthly intervals.

Yes! All our participants (except one so far!) who initially enrolled for our ACSTH Foundational Program loved the learning so much that they decided to continue on to complete the full ACTP Program. We have one specific policy on this--it has to be a continuation within the same cohort / year.

In order to complete an ACTP, at least 125 hours of training much be attended. For the ACSTH, at least 60 hours must be completed. Both our programs provide a few more hours than is required for ICF credential application, so, unlike most coach training schools, we give a little bit of wiggle room. However, we strongly urge full attendance so that you benefit from every moment of the training. We don't provide any makeup hours and all participants are responsible for any time they miss. Hours of completion are awarded based on time attended, which is calculated in compliance with the International Coach Federation guidelines.

Yes, if you complete at least 125 hours of training, 10 hours of mentor coaching, and pass the exam, you will then be able to apply for a credential. That step requires that you have at least 100 hours of logged client experience, pass the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) and pay for your ICF application. Once all the above is accomplished and ICF have approved the application, you will be awarded your ICF credential!

Once you attend at least 30 hours of our training you will be eligible to receive our Certificate of Completed Hours. If you attend at least 60 hours of the ACSTH Foundational Program and have logged at least 100 hours of client experience you can apply for an ICF ACC certification via the ACSTH route. Please visit the ICF website for more information on that process.

As a school, we provide:

• Certification of Completion once training hours are completed in our ACTP or ACSTH Programs.
• ACTP Certificate once the ACTP has been completed.
• Certificate with Designation of “Certified Leadership and Executive Coach” after completion of our CLEC Program (200+ hrs + assignments and testing).
• Certificates of CCE's for our Advanced Trainings.

You can legally call yourself a “certified coach” having attained either of the above types of certification if that is important to you. And at the same time, the public, and most certainly the corporate world, are beginning to understand the difference in the ICF and non-ICF certifications as the profession grows. ICF certification is ultimately going to be the way to gain credibility as well as ensure clients get what they need.

Our classes are usually between 19 and 24 participants. We cap the cohorts at 24 people. If the class is bigger than that, we bring on a 3rd instructor so as to ensure a good instructor to participant ratio and individual support is provided. These cohorts are quickly like family, and we find these numbers work nicely.