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ACTP Application Process

We appreciate your interest!

Firstly we will need some information about you. Applicants are required to meet the prerequisites for the program 
and pass pre-screen on interests and goal alignment (make sure we have a fit). By completing the application process, you agree to the following:


You have:

• Prior experience as a coach or consultant

• Some corporate experience with management roles

• Therapeutic background with aspirations to work as a coach, either generally or corporately


• Education or capability to comprehend college level materials and models

• Command of the English language

• Desire to empower and support other's growth processes

• Willingness to be the learner

No Transfer

The program is non-transferable, including all training and mentor coaching videos, materials, and sessions. Only those admitted to the program by Envision Coach Training are eligible to participate.

No License

This program is designed to train the participant, only, and is not a train-the-trainer, or in any way an implied license to deliver the materials and practices used in this program to others.

Great! Now for the Application Process:

If you agree to these parameters, then-
1 - Click on the button below to continue to the Application Form.  On submission of your application the Envision team will evaluate our potential fit and one of us get back to you as soon as possible.
2 - If accepted, you will be directed to a policy page for your acknowledgement
3 - After acknowledgement, a payment link will show up.
4 - On receipt of your payment your seat will be reserved in our next cohort of Envision Coach Training.

5 - You'll be sent a welcome email from our Director of Training, along with some information about your upcoming coach training journey! 

I Meet Criteria and Agree