Mentor Coaching

Justina Vail Evans, MCC, CHt
Dir. of Training | Instructor | Mentor Coach

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Cecilia Engquist, PCC, M.S. Psych
Instructor | Mentor Coach

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What is Mentor Coaching?

Mentor coaching is a combination of coaching and mentoring provided by a master coach to another coach. Through coaching, giving advice, and sharing experience, your mentor coach assists you with your coaching skills. Mentor coaching can raise your level of awareness of your unique coaching style, what is working and what is not, and can bring to light the things you have fallen back on when times get tough. Your mentor can then help you find new and more powerful ways to approach the coaching engagement and build on your skill set as a masterful coach. Mentor coaching is also required in order to obtain ICF (International Coaching Federation) certification.

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One-to-One Mentor Coaching

1 hr Private One-to-One Mentor Coaching session fees:

• PCC Mentor Coach US $180 per hr

• MCC Mentor Coach US $210 per hr 


Group Mentor Coaching

$80 per 1.5 hrs Group Mentor Coaching session


Mentor Coaching Package


$840 Mentor Coaching Package includes:

• 7.5 hrs Group (you pick 5 sessions)

• 3 hours of One-to-One (you schedule 3 sessions)

= 10.5 hours   See DETAILS in the TAB BELOW

Private, one-to-one mentor coaching takes place via Zoom and is offered year-round.
• You have your own personal mentor coach(es)
• The sessions run one hour each
• The first 30 minutes consists of listening to your coaching recording
• The second 30 minutes is spent in direct feedback and mentor coaching.
*** For more info. see the FAQ below and go to our "contact" page for any questions.***

We provide 2 online group mentor coaching sessions per month until end day 2/2/21when we go on hiatus. (see dates to choose from below)
• The sessions run 1.5 hrs each.
• The groups consists of 10 mentees or less.
• It is webinar-style.
• One person is pre-assigned as the coach and one as the 'client' in each mentoring session. Coaching is live.
• As a group, we will have confidentiality agreements regarding content and safety for the coach and client. 
• The first 5 minutes of each session will be logistics, observer assignments, and confidentiality agreements.
• The next 30 minutes consists of listening to the coaching session. All attendees are asked to be active observers, with each assigned a specific observation.
• The next 30 minutes consists of the coach and mentor in one-to-one mentor coaching.
• The next 25 minutes consists of attendees sharing specific observations. There will also be a Q&A within the whole group

You can choose from the following sessions:
October 21st, 12:00 pm — 1:30 pm US Central Time
November 2nd, 5:00 pm — 6:30 pm US Central Time
November 19th, 12:00 pm — 1:30 pm US Central Time ((FULL))
December 3rd, 5:00 pm — 6:30 pm US Central Time ((FULL))
January 6th, 12:00 pm — 1:30 pm US Central Time ((FULL))
January 19th, 5:00 pm — 6:30 pm US Central Time
February 2nd, 12:00 pm — 1:30 pm US Central Time

((FULL)) We're sorry, there are no more seats available for the Package. Please consider the A La Carte option. You may purchase Group and/or One-to-One Mentor Coaching sessions individually (see tabs).
If you are applying for an ICF certification or are renewing your ACC credential, you must complete at least 10 hrs mentor coaching. (The ICF will accept a MINIMUM of 3 hrs via One-to-One, and a MAXIMUM of 7 hrs via Group.) Our Mentor Coaching Package fulfills those hours and includes:
• 7.5 hrs Group with an MCC mentor coach (you choose 5 sessions)
• 3 hours of One-to-One with a PCC mentor coach (you schedule 3 sessions)
= 10.5 hours total
Discounted Price $840 ($100 off the a la carte total price for the same.)
***See the Group Mentor Coaching and One-to-one Mentor Coaching tabs for more details about each.***

Frequently Asked Questions

Mentor coaching is beneficial for both novice coaches just finding their way, and intermediate or advanced coaches who want to reach a deeper level in their practice.

For those who are seeking an ICF credential, 10 hours of mentor coaching is required prior to application, at least 3 of which must be one-to-one hours. Many people choose to take all 10 hrs as one-to-one in order to be ready for the performance exam, but some prefer to mix it up with group mentor coaching hours.

Envision Faculty members are all ICF credentialed PCC or MCC level coaches. Please take a look at our Mentor Coaches at the top of this page.
Justina Vail Evans, MCC is our primary mentor coach. She leads the Group Sessions and is available for A la Carte One-to-One sessions.
Cecilia Engquist, PCC is available for A La Carte and Package One-to-One sessions.

One-to-one Mentor Coaching takes place via phone/online conferencing. Each Mentor Coaching Hour consists of listening to a 30-minute pre-recorded coaching call with you and your client, then 30 minutes of direct feedback and mentor coaching.

Group Mentor Coaching details can be see in the tab above.

▪ $180 per hour of One-to-One Mentor Coaching with a PCC coach
▪ $210 per hour of One-to-One Mentor Coaching with an MCC coach
▪ $80 per 1.5 hr Group Mentor Coaching session
▪ $840 Discounted Mentor Coaching Package - includes 10.5 hours (7.5 hrs Group and 3 hours of one-to-one) This discount is $100 off the a la carte total price.

Note: If you are taking our ACTP Program your 10 hrs mentor coaching is included!

One-to-One: You will be asked to coach paid or pro bono clients, or acquaintances. NO family members, close friends or other coaches.

Group: You will coach other coaches.

Your mentor coaching can start as soon as you are ready. Just sign up via the buttons on this page and we'll get you started!

We recommend that you have some recent ICF Approved Coach Specific Training or CCE Units completed so that you are up-to-date on the required coaching competencies. We also strongly recommend that you record a number of sessions prior to signing up for mentor coaching so that you can listen to and score yourself on those competencies. Being your own mentor coach first will help you to improve your skills and help you prepare for the next level!

"Being mentored was probably my favorite thing about the whole program. It was hugely powerful and made a big difference in my coaching... and even in my personal development."

Juliana Ashley, PCC
Juliana Ashley, PCC,
Career Coach - (Graduated 2014)

"Each session I have attended has provided learnings that make me a better coach. Honestly, I am going to miss this when I’m finished as I have learned so much and would like to continue learning. Thank you!"

Leslie Amerman
Leslie Amerman,
Organizational Health Coach - (Graduated 2015)