What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Consulting?

  • What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Consulting?

    Our students are often surprised to learn that, instead of COACHING, they’ve actually spent years CONSULTING.


    According to the Oxford Dictionary, a consultant is a person who provides expert advice professionally. Consulting requires a significant amount of content expertise and the interaction is mainly transactional, i.e. one way of approaching something is changed out for another, based on the consultant’s advice.


    A coach, on the other hand, does not give advice, ever. Coaching is content-neutral and can be used within any topic or industry without a coach needing to have knowledge in the area. It is a powerful, synergistic set of skills that can enhance consulting, but is different. The interaction of coaching is often transformational, as it focuses on the person not the problem. The person being coached is changed and, subsequently, behaviors are changed—more deeply and sustainably than consulting alone allows.


    Our students often let us know how delighted they are to be, at last, practicing actual coaching, as it enhances not only their consulting skills but also their training, facilitating, and leadership skills.


    Let us know your thoughts on this topic! And do let us know your interest in the Online Coach Certification Program, starting soon.

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